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Gallery on the Green: Welcome

Gallery on the Green


This work was created alongside my making new work for installation into the gallery for their tenth anniversary exhibition.

Gallery on the Green: Project

The Yorkshire Dales exhibition in Gallery on the Green, 6 July - 6 September 2019:

Inside the Gallery:

My experience of the Yorkshire Dales is these amazing colours. But a photograph of this landscape shares too much information. I do not want to share all this detail, I only want to share the colours I notice, the colours that I experience this landscape through.

Light and colour are one and the same: light cannot exist without colour and colour cannot exist without light. What we see as colour is the process of light interacting with everything around it. A photograph, by definition, is light captured and recorded by a photo-sensitive (light-sensitive) surface.

Through my frustration with photographs giving away too much information, I isolated my chosen colours captured by my photo-sensitive surface - the sensor in my digital camera - and worked with just these colours to build up images representing how I experience the Dales; and by definition, these images are photographs, just not as we expect them to look.

Left: 'The Yorkshire Dales 02'             Ahead: 'The Yorkshire Dales 04'              Right: 'The Yorkshire Dales 03'

Outside the Gallery:

The focus of my experience of living in Upper Settle is the amazing skies. I think because there’s less green immediately out of my window, unlike where I used to live in Horton-in-Ribblesdale, I have started paying more attention to the skies rather than the ground. My office in Settle is in our loft conversion. It’s a room with amazingly huge windows and a great sense of openness to the landscape, but mostly the sky. What captivates me is this view from high up above Settle, with it all laid out beneath these vast skies, which seem larger when they are cloudless, or nearly cloudless. I think the large amount of time we are oppressed by cloud cover makes the days when we are not more of note, and then this is highlighted when the sun is setting and creates fantastic pinks, oranges and pastel colours, in contrast to the bight greens of the landscape in the day.

Left: 'Summer in Upper Settle 2018'

Right: 'Summer in Upper Settle 2019'

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