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The Yorkshire Dales


Eight photographic prints mounted on aluminium

When I look at the landscape of the Yorkshire Dales, I see these amazing colours. But a photograph of this landscape shares too much information. I do not want to share all this detail. I do not care about the minutia, I only want to share the colours I notice, the colours that I experience this landscape through.

Light is colour and colour is light, they are one and the same. A photograph, by definition, is light captured by a photo-sensitive (light-sensitive) surface. Societally we have come to know photographs as being such highly detailed and accurate depictions of the world, that we no longer notice the photographs themselves; we instead see them as ‘being’ the world out there, when they are in fact only a facsimile of it.

Through my frustration with photographs giving away too much information, I isolated my chosen colours captured by my photo-sensitive surface - the sensor in my digital camera - and worked with just these colours to build up images representing how I experience the Dales; and by the aforementioned definition, these images are photographs, just not as we expect them to look.

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